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Covid-19 Vaccine Types

by Lady Violet
covid-19 vaccine types

Covid-19 vaccine types are searched nowadays. The effects of the pandemic are decreasing day by day. Now, the light appeared at the end of the tunnel in the pandemic that negatively affected life all over the world. The covid-19 vaccine has started to be used in many countries. While it normally takes years to approve a vaccine, coronavirus vaccines have received urgent approval. Some people were undecided about which type of covid-19 vaccine to choose. The reason for this is that vaccines do not differ from each other. Over 90 per cent of success has been achieved with these vaccines using new technologies. The vaccines whose phase studies have been completed will also be used. In line with the information announced by the vaccine manufacturers, we have compiled the characteristics of the vaccines, their differences from each other and how to apply them.

RNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Types


The earliest approved vaccine proved its effectiveness at 95 per cent. Biontech / Pfizer, a German company, developed the vaccine with new technology. These RNA-based vaccines have not had severe side effect so far. For its production, RNA information of viruses is copied and given to the body. It is easier and faster to manufacture than conventional vaccines. The Covid-19 vaccine, called BNT162b2, needs to be stored at -70 degrees, it deteriorates after 5 days in normal freezers. The protection of this vaccine, which is administered in two doses, in severe cases is unknown.


One of the RNA-based Covid-19 vaccine types is the vaccine called mRNA-1273 produced by the American company Moderna. This vaccine, which is 94.5 per cent effective, has not seen any serious side effects so far. Moderna vaccine is applied in two doses. It can be kept for 1 month in refrigerators and 6 months at -20 degrees. Moderna is applied to people of all age groups and people with chronic diseases. It has been approved in many European countries.

Viral Vector-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Types

Sputnik V

One of the viral vectorial coronavirus vaccine types is the Russian company Sputnik V. It was one of the first announced vaccines, but it took time to be approved. Viral vectorial vaccines are similar to vaccines prepared by traditional methods. For its production, the vaccine is given to the body after the genetic material of the virus is inserted into another virus. It requires more time to prepare than RNA-based vaccines. This vaccine, which is more than 92 per cent effective, can be stored for 6 months at 4 degrees.


The covid-19 vaccine, called AstraZeneca, has been developed by Oxford University. It is effective between 70-90 per cent. No side effects have been seen so far. It can be kept for 6 months at 4 degrees. It has also produced positive results in the old people and produced a large number of antibodies. Its protection rate is lower than other vaccines, but its effect increases when the dose is increased. The price is quite low, one dose is sold for $ 20. It has been approved in some countries as above vaccines.


CoronaVac is produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac. The protection rate of this vaccine was announced as 83 percent. It prevents 100 percent of admission to the hospital. No death was found from this vaccine application. Side effects such as fatigue, headache, muscle pain, fever and chills are seen. CoronaVac does not deteriorate even at 4 degrees of plus. 1 dose of the Chinese vaccine is available for $ 29.7.

Covid-19 vaccine types and the mutant virus

There are not enough vaccines all over the world. This situation prolongs the duration of vaccination. Especially many young people have not been vaccinated. On the other hand, mutated coronaviruses are spreading. These have a higher risk of contamination and killing. Most covid-19 vaccines are effective against viruses with mutations. Strengthen your immunity until you get vaccinated. Consume foods and herbs recommended by doctors. To learn about these, check out the content.

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