Sympathetic and sincere

Sympathetic and sincere

This time you will meet a blogger from Russia. I identified Anastasia as the stylist of this week. She is a young YouTuber and traveler blogger. I like the photos of the season concept very much. She loves living and thinks that every season has a different beauty. Her Instagram photos are arranged with red concept effect. She uses perfectly the red that is color of winter perfectly. The everyone of the photos is like a postcard. They absolutely seem fantastic.

I found the style simple and stylish. She prefers romantic and comfortable clothing. Miss Anastasia chooses combinations that integrate with her body. she avoids wearing extreme makeup. Travel blogger Anastasia reflects the beauty of nature very well to the photo frames. The nature covered in snow-white snow looks amazing and mystical. She shares the most beautiful cities of the countries she visits.

Sympathetic and sincere travel blogger Anastasia

The Instagram account is very colorful. Anastasia’s account is
If you want to be the style of the week, please contact me and send your Instagram account. Don’ forget to write the stylish of the week on the title. I will explain the most suitable people in the list on Fridays every week. Good luck.

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