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Immune Boosting Herbal Teas

by Lady Violet
Immune Boosting Herbal Teas

The risk of getting sick increases during the winter months. In cold weather, immunity decreases and diseases such as flu and cold are seen. To increase your body resistance, you should pay attention to your diet. Eat mostly vegetables and fruits. Also, take advantage of the power of herbs, but not all herbal tea strengthens immunity. Do not consume these herbs indiscriminately. Therefore, follow the advice of doctors. Here are the immune boosting herbal teas we can recommend.

Which are Immune Boosting Herbal Teas?

1-Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. It warms your body in the common cold, cleans the lungs, lymph nodes and sinuses. Ginger, which is also used in meals, reduces the risk of infection. It is good for symptoms such as cough, burning in the throat, nausea. To prepare the tea, peel the ginger about the size of a clove of garlic. Then put it in a glass of water and boil it. Add 1 teaspoon of honey before consuming the tea. Don’t drink ginger in the preoperative period because it dilutes the blood. In addition, those with heart, liver and blood diseases should not drink.

2-Sage Tea

Another herb that increases body resistance is sage. This healing tea prevents colds and removes toxins from the body. Also, it reduces the risk of infection, and cleanse the liver. When gargling is used, it is good for throat infection. Since it contains estrogen hormones, it should be consumed in limited amounts. That’s why It is not recommended to drink for more than two weeks. In addition, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and epilepsy patients should not drink. To prepare sage tea, it is enough to boil it for 10 minutes. Then you can filter the plant’s pulp and drink it.

3-Green Tea

Green tea is a very useful plant. It is consumed very often in Far East countries. In recent years, it was valued. It’s components strengthen immunity, protect against cancer, beautify the skin, and aid weight loss. It also protects against cardiovascular diseases. This plant has many benefits. But green tea should be consumed in limited amounts due to its powerful effects. Consume green tea without boiling for a long time. Otherwise, the benefits of tea will decrease. For this, put half a tea glass of green tea in boiling water. You can drink honey and lemon after 8 minutes. It is sufficient to drink 1 cup a day. We recommend cardiovascular patients to drink this tea after consulting their doctor.

4-Rosehip Tea

Many consumers love rosehip tea for its delicious taste. Since it contains high amounts of vitamin C, it has antioxidant properties. It also contains vitamins A, B, K, E, magnesium and Ferro minerals. This tea increases body resistance. It is one of the ideal teas of the winter season. It strengthens immunity against flu, throat infections and similar diseases. Rosehip tea can be consumed regularly against the risk of Covid-19. It is sufficient to drink 2 cups a day. But it is not recommended for those who drink blood thinners.

5-Linden Tea

One of the immune-boosting herbal teas is linden. When winter and cold weather begin, linden occurs to the mind of consumers first. Because this beneficial plant contains vitamins A, C, calcium and Ferro. When it is drunk regularly, it acts as strong as an antibiotic. It protects from respiratory tract infections, colds and similar diseases and speeds up healing. Brew the flower part of the linden and drink it. Do not boil for a long time. We do not recommend linden to those who drink blood thinners, and pregnant women.

6-Immune Boosting Herbal Teas-Special Mix

This special tea is prepared by mixing some beneficial herbs. Doctors also recommend this mixture to consumers. For the mixture, add turmeric, honey, lemon, black pepper in hot water and drink. Turmeric strengthens immunity, protects against cancer, regulates the digestive system, and accelerates healing. You can prepare and drink this healing tea 2-3 days a week. As the Covid-19 epidemic continued all over the world, immune-enhancing herbal teas became very important. This mixture protects you from infections and allows you to overcome diseases in a short time.

Are the Immune Boosting Herbal Teas Harmful?

In nature, every plant has some harms as well as benefits. While herbal teas protect from some diseases, they can trigger some symptoms. Drinking them too much causes side effects. Even if you are sick, don’t consume these teas more than 1 cup a day. Some herbal teas can adversely affect you over a certain age and blood pressure patients. Also, some plants cause miscarriage in pregnant women. So If you are pregnant, drink herbal tea after consulting your doctor. Pregnant women should not eat some foods or herbs. Read our content on Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy to learn these.

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