Causes of white hair at an early age

Causes of white hair at an early age

Many women get their hair dye because of the white hair. This problem can be seen in people of all ages. In addition to old people, you can also see white hair in young people and children. For example, when I was 13 years old, I saw white hair in my hair. I was so surprised, and I took it off and kept it. Yeah, I’ve come across this before I grow up. In the following years, their numbers increased gradually. I researched the causes of white hair and compiled the opinions of experts.


Every person gets older over time and has some symptoms. One of them is hair whitening. Cells in hair follicles form pigment. These cells produce dark pigments called melanin. In fact, this substance is a kind of natural dye. Our bodies produce them. Over time, melanin production decreases and hair begins to bleach. Melanin is abundant in brown, red and black hair. İt is absent on white hair.

Trauma, extreme sadness

You’ve seen it in the movies. Because of extreme sadness, the characters’ hair happens white. It may seem funny, but there is a bit of reality. If your mood is bad, your body health will also deteriorate. Severe traumas, sudden bad news, excessive stress can whiten hair. In addition, extreme sorrow can bleach your hair overnight. Keep your psychology as good as possible.


Hair whitening process takes place at different times of everyone. Of the two people with a difference of 20 years, the younger one may bleach the hair earlier. The main factor in this is genetic. If hair whitening is seen in the family at a young age, it can be seen in subsequent generations. For example, if your grandfather, grandmother, mother, father’s hair began to bleach early, you can see the same situation.

Hormonal disorders

The pituitary glands are also associated with hair whitening. The thyroid glands produce various hormones and are under the control of the pituitary gland. They perform metabolic processes related to growth and energy. If thyroids work more or less than normal, they cause problems such as whitening, fatigue, hair loss. Because the hormones T3 and T4 stimulate melanin synthesis in the hair too much.

Werner syndrome

Although not be heard, this disease is also effective in hair whitening. Werner syndrome is an inherited disease. This is a rare disease. It must be present in the mother or father or they must be carriers. The disease does not show indications until the person reaches puberty. After puberty, hoarseness, skin thinning, excessive hair loss and whitening are seen.

Other reasons

The most common causes of white hair are listed above. Apart from them, hair whitening for some of the following reasons.

* UV rays
*Not enough feeding
* Vitamin deficiency
 *Air pollution
 * Side effects of drugs

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