Singer model Natalie Lim Suarez

Singer model Natalie Lim Suarez

I’m going to introduce a young blogger this week. Her name is Natalie Lim Suarez. She is also a singer and editor. I liked her style. It reflects my taste. Like many influencers, she works in multiple lanes. She’s got a great physique and a face. Beauty is a big advantage for a blogger.

Now let’s get to know Natalie well. The young woman who founded that website in 2009 has been modeling in the industry since she was 15 years old. She was born in NewYork but lived in China, Mexico, and Spain. 29-year-old blogger sings, plays guitar/piano, writes a blog, designs. She does all this with great passion. In her blog, she includes her stories, inspirations, and projects. She has appeared in magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and has worked with top fashion and beauty brands from around the world. L’oreal has collaborated with Paris, Levis, Nordstrom, DKNY, Coach, and Sunglass Hut brands. She has many designs.

Vintage Inspirations

Natalie Lim Suarez

I’ll tell you why I chose her. I’ve written about a lot of bloggers so far. I liked their style, but none of them appealed my taste as much as Natalie. Overall she has a feminine and creative style. Vividly colored clothes are very successful combinations. Some pieces contain vintage accents. She shares every style of clothes a woman might need in her daily life. I saw combines that could be worn at the ball, party, company, beach, home. Her social media photos are extremely colorful and elegant. She shares not only her clothes on Instagram, but she also writes small texts about posts.

She sings country music

Finally, I will explain her website. There are fashion, lifestyle, music, beauty, video, and shopping pages. She puts photographs of the places she visited on the style sheet and writes about her impressions. I really enjoyed this page of Natalie. Reminds me of memoir books. She is also a singer and has featured her videos on the music page. Natalie has a beautiful voice. She sings in country style, reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Natalie offered makeup suggestions on the beauty page. She mentioned cosmetics she used. On the page, I also saw numerous photos of her with make-up. I liked the makeup photos because she has a beautiful face.

Hardworking and talented

On the home page, she describes her belongings and the taste of decoration. It is clear that she loves vintage style designs. I saw the 60s breeze in their room. She has a simple and elegant house. She doesn’t like arty and classic objects. She put all his clothes in one room. It has an American style kitchen. Natalie is a really hardworking and talented woman. That’s all I can say for Natalie Lim Suarez. Her Instagram account’s link is If you want to take part in this page, please contact us. Don’t forget to write your detailed resume.

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