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Remedies For Headache

by Lady Violet
remedies for headache

Headache is a big problem for many people. Especially common in women, this symptom affects daily life negatively. When the pain starts, it becomes difficult to carry out business life and social activities. Drinking painkillers every time is not the solution. After a while, these pills stop working. In such cases, internet users investigate what is good for headaches. Headaches have a number of physical and mental reasons such as stress. Certain habits and irregular life trigger this pain. Read our recommendations listed below to remedies for headache.

1-Don’t stay in the sun

Sun rays and hot air have a negative effect on migraine headaches. Be careful on sunny days from spring. If you’re going to wait for someone outside or go for a walk, put a hat on your head. Do not be exposed to too much hot air. When you get home, prevent the room from getting too much light by pulling the curtains. If you sweat a lot under the sun, your headache will be triggered again. If you are going to sit in the garden part of a cafe or restaurant, choose the part in the shade.

2-Water is one of the remedies for headache

There are many causes of headache. Some are because of not drinking enough water. You should drink 2 litres of water every day. This amount may vary depending on the season, the food you eat, the energy you spend and your activities. Especially in summer, you should drink plenty of water to replace the lost liquid. When the headache starts, you can stop the pain by drinking 4 glasses of water. Meet your fluid needs with water instead of tea and fruit juices.

3-Don’t skip meals

One of the biggest causes of headache is hunger. Those with migraine should be fed regularly. People may not have the opportunity to eat in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes, even if they do not feel hungry, a headache is triggered when the stomach is empty. If you miss meals and start to get a headache, eat foods straight away. Sometimes eating does not relieve the pain after the pain begins. If your nausea starts, your appetite will stop. In this case, you will have to take medicine. You should definitely not go hungry.

4- No smoke and alcohol to remedies for headache

Smoking, which causes many diseases, also has a negative effect on headaches. If you smoke when you have a headache, the intensity and frequency of the pain increases. If you smoke, try to quit. One way to prevent headaches is to not drink alcohol. Alcohol, which causes many headaches, especially triggers migraines. Even a small amount of alcohol causes pain. If you are going to drink alcohol, you should drink it with 1 litre of water.

5-Consume less caffeine

I keep writing remedies for headache. The relationship between headache and caffeine depends on the amount of caffeine consumed. If you drink small amounts regularly, it won’t do any harm and even prevent headaches. Headache is observed in people who drink coffee every day but not one day of the week. If you drink too much coffee, high amounts of caffeine can cause headaches. Also, if you drink too much of other caffeine-containing drinks, you may get a headache.

6-Don’t sleep late to remedies for headache

Those who suffer from migraine headaches must live a regular life. Your sleep pattern should be normal as well as eating and drinking. If you are sleep deprived, your headache is triggered. Try to go to bed early at night, if you sleep late you will feel tired the next day. After a while, the headache starts. Some people cannot fall asleep after consuming sleep-disturbing drinks. Do not drink sober drinks such as tea and caffeine before going to bed. Regular sleep allows you to wake up energetic in the mornings.

7-Stay away from stress

Staying away from stress is one of the remedies for headache. You will read this relationship. Headaches usually occur in stressed and nervous people. Prevent negative events in your daily life from boring you. Try to solve problems calmly and do not worry about small problems. The risk of headache increases as the exhaustion of daily life and stress increases. When you have a boring day, get fresh air and take a walk outdoors. Regular exercise also lowers the risk of pain.

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