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Foods That Slow Aging

by Lady Violet

As women get older, their skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles begin. Wrinkles usually occur due to lifestyle, malnutrition, and genetic reasons. On the other hand, there are many beneficial nutrients in nature and these foods start to fight wrinkles. So do you know the foods that slow aging?

The nutrition and diet specialist doctor Selma Turan explained anti-aging foods.

Which are Foods That Slow Aging?

At first, genetic and environmental features cause skin aging. In addition, malnutrition, which has become a habit in daily life, causes aging. If you eat foods containing vitamins, omega3 and antioxidants, you will delay aging and sagging.

Water is the main substance that slows aging. You can get rid of wrinkles by drinking 2 liters of water a day. Those who do not have the habit of drinking water should pour lemon, cucumber, mint into a jug of water. Thus, they enjoy consuming water. Also, coffee dries out the skin. After drinking coffee, you should drink two glasses of water.

Foods That Slow Aging: Vegetables

Some vitamins play a key role in delaying aging. These are vitamins E, A, C, Omega3 and collagen. These substances are abundant in some vegetables. Don’t forget to use other methods to delay aging. Read Natural Methods For Anti Aging for your lifestyle and products you should use.


It contains an antioxidant effect rich in vitamin A. Carrot regulates the color of the skin and provides rejuvenation. It is also very beneficial for eye health. Carrot prevents your eyes from spoiling.


 foods that slow aging.

The fruit juice, which heals the skin, prevents the skin from being damaged by smoking and protects against aging. Especially smokers should drink vitamin C. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, tangerine, strawberries, and greens contain a lot of vitamin C.

Red pepper

This vegetable which is C and B6 vitamin-rich prevents wrinkles and increase bloodstream of skin because of it containing carotene. Also, the red pepper fights acne and it brightens the skin.


 foods that slow aging.

This stress-fighting fruit prevents acne. The water, sodium and potassium in celery provide moisture to the skin. It also prevents wrinkles by providing hydration.


This fruit, which has been used for skin health for many years, is a good source of B-C vitamin. Adds moisture to the skin. In addition, avocado consumption provides young skin and supports overall body health. For youthful skin, you should eat avocados.


You should eat tomatoes at every meal. Thanks to the high amount of vitamin C it contains, it preserves the freshness of the skin. Tomato also protects from UV rays thanks to the lycopene it contains.


When people diet, they often reduce fat to stay fit. However, it would be a mistake to reduce omega3-containing oils such as walnuts. Because omega3 acids, one of the most beneficial oils, not only nourish the skin, but also keep the skin elastic. Walnuts can be eaten with peace of mind every day.

Foods That Slow Aging: Teas

Green Tea

Do you know that green tea, which is preferred during diet periods, is very effective in preventing wrinkles? Green tea, which contains plenty of catechins, is effective in maintaining skin health. Because catechin is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb has been used in eastern countries for thousands of years. It delays wrinkles with the high amount of vitamin E it contains. Ginkgo Biloba also protects brain functions and prevents Alzheimer’s. You can consume this herb as tea.

Foods That Slow Aging: Proteins


Egg contains a lot of anti-aging collagen, elastin. These are important for skin health because the skin loses them over time. The egg peels off the face and refreshes the skin with the stem cells it contains, but this process is not enough. Eating an egg every day supports skin health positively.


Salmon is the most effective food that slows aging. This fish, which has been mentioned frequently in recent years, is the best omega3 source. Omega3 oil moisturizes the skin, protects against UV rays, and prevents aging.

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