How I made my hair thick

How I made my hair thick

Like many women, I love my hair and care for hair. My hair was very popular because of the bush, but I noticed that they were pouring a lot of time. I was so bored trying to understand why. I’ve done research on this. In fact, hair loss can have many reasons. My problem was because of malnutrition. I know myself because I don’t have much appetite. I was a little stressed.

I’ve read too many doctor articles. When I found out what I had to do, I acted. I’ve done two major procedures. The first was to use vitamin pills. The second was to reduce environmental factors. First, I want to give information about the vitamins I use.

– Violence causes hair loss in women. My ferro values ​​are generally low. So I started to use ferro drugs. I drank one bottle a day. It is necessary to use these pills for an average of 6 months. You have to drink the pills outside of meals, otherwise your body cannot absorb ferro.

Vitamins that prevent hair loss

-The other vitamin pill I used was omega3. These vitamins, which have a lot of benefit to the human body, make the hair hard. It will also make your skin beautiful. You can drink these pills after the meal. I would also like to mention that they have an appetite. 1 piece per day is enough to use.

– Other than the ones mentioned above, doctors recommend biotin. These vitamins, which are of great importance for hair, nourish and make the hair thicker. I drank one of these pills after a meal. Obviously, I used to work on the appetite of the pills because my physique was weak. It also gives a comfortable sleep at night.

-Now I want to touch on the final vitamins I use. Vitamin D is inadequate in many people. I protect my skin by using sunscreen but I can’t get vitamin D from the sun. In winter, my vitamin D values ​​are low due to the fact that there are a few sunny days. In fact, the sun doesn’t even come in enough to create vitamin D. Use it as a pill if you wish or take liquid bottles. If you are going to use liquid, you can drink it in water. I spilled 20 drops a day.

I fulfilled some methods

* First, if your hair is too long, cut a little. The longer the hair, the more it spills. And I shortened my hair a few inches. Thus, he began to look more lush.

* Do not wash your hair with hot water. This error is done too much. Doctors say the hot water is wearing down the hair. It also causes the hair to dry out. I’ve dropped the water temperature. A famous doctor explained that hot water activated carcinogenic substances.

* I should not use hair straighteners to prevent hair loss. These high-temperature devices use hair to burn. Obviously I did not give up the straightener because my hair was swollen, but I lowered its temperature. If you flatten your hair at 210 degrees, reduce it to 180 degrees. Spilled hair will be reduced.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

* Another hair protection method to use the nutritious product. I bought hair masks of famous brands. These creams lubricate and feed the hair. Another method of reducing hair loss is not wearing tight tires. These tires caused my hair to squeeze. In addition, do not scan your hair with hard brushes. These are cutting off the hair.

* I continue to rank my suggestions. Some of you may be very meticulous, but washing your hair every day increases spillage. I advise you to wash your hair every 2-3 days. Dermatologists don’t recommend washing their hair every day. For the vitamins I mentioned above. Then take other measures. You’ll really see your hair getting banged.

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