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How Do I Prevent Hair Loss?

by Lady Violet
How Do I Prevent Hair Loss

Like many women, I love my hair and take care of it. It was popular because my hair was thick but I noticed that my hair was shedding a lot. I was so bored trying to understand why. I started researching this. In fact, there can be many reasons for hair loss. The cause of my problem was malnutrition. I was aware of my lifestyle, so I didn’t have an appetite. The hair problem was bothering me. I researched to answer this question: How Do I Prevent Hair Loss?

I read a lot of doctor articles. When I found out what to do, I took action. I’ve done two big processes. The first was to use vitamin pills. The second was to reduce environmental factors. First of all, I want to give information about the vitamins I use.

Anemia causes hair loss. My iron rank ​​is generally low. That’s why I started using iron drugs. I drank a bottle a day. It is necessary to use these drugs for an average of 6 months. You must drink iron bottles outside of mealtimes, otherwise, your body cannot absorb them. Also, read Natural Ways To Thicken Hair to strengthen hair.

How Do I Prevent Hair Loss with vitamins?

Vitamins that prevent hair loss

  • The other vitamin pill I use is omega3. This vitamin, which is necessary for the human body, makes hair thicker. It also makes your skin beautiful. Drink this pill after a meal. It also increases appetite. It is sufficient to use 1 piece per day.
  • Apart from the above mentioned, doctors recommend biotin. This vitamin, which is of great importance for hair, nourishes and thickens the hair. I drank this pill after meals. I liked that the pills whet my appetite because I was thin. It also provides a comfortable sleep at night.
  • Now I want to refer to the other vitamin I use. Many people are deficient in vitamin D. I protect my skin using sunscreen, but I cannot get vitamin D from the sun. Since there are few sunny days in winter, my vitamin D values ​​are low. In fact, the sun is not even enough to create vitamin D. Use it as a pill or buy a liquid bottle if you wish. If you are going to use liquid, you can pour it into the water and drink it. Pour 20 drops a day.

I fulfilled some methods

* First of all, if your hair is very long, take a cut. The longer the hair, the more it falls out. I shortened my hair a few inches. So it started to look louder.

* Do not wash your hair with hot water. This mistake is made too much. Doctors say that hot water can damage hair. It also causes the hair to dry. I lowered the water temperature. A famous doctor explained that hot water activates carcinogens.

* Do not use a hair straightener to prevent hair loss. These hot devices burn your hair. Obviously I did not give up on the straightener as my hair was frizzy but I did turn down the heat. If you are straightening your hair at 210 degrees, reduce it to 180 degrees. Hair loss is reduced.

How Do I Prevent Hair Loss?

Other methods

Another hair protection method to use the nutritious product. I bought hair masks from famous brands. These creams lubricate and feed the hair. Another method of reducing hair loss is not wearing tight tires. These tires caused my hair to squeeze. In addition, do not scan your hair with hard brushes. These are cutting off the hair.

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