Get rid of moles by natural ways

Get rid of moles by natural ways

Experts say moles are caused by obesity and diabetes. Some say that hormonal disorder is caused to meat beneath. They are generally harmless and do not cause pain. We would like to get rid of moles because they look aesthetically bad.
They occur in the eyelids, groin, chest, armpits, especially in the neck. You can get rid of mole by natural methods without a surgical procedure. Go to your doctor before performing the procedure. Doctors may want to make a biopsy for moles. You can drop meat by following methods

Apple cider vinegar

This product gives a delicious taste in salads. On the other hand, it has beneficial properties for health. It is effective on the skin thanks to the acid it contains. You can get rid of moles by apple cider vinegar. Pour apple cider vinegar into a little cotton and put it on the meat. Paste the medical tape on top. Leave for 24 hours. Repeat the procedure every day until the meat has darkened.

Tea tree oil

This wonderful oil has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. A simple method to solve the problem on your skin. Sterilize the mole on the skin. Pour 4 drops of oil tree oil into cotton. Then rub it to the mole. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day, you will see the benefit.

Oil of thyme and Coconut Oil

You can get rid of moles by coconut oil as well.

The thyme oil we use frequently in our meals is very beneficial. In addition to antimicrobial properties, it also prevents skin cancer. Coconut oil contains lauric acid. This acid is used in the treatment of warts due to its antibacterial properties. Mix 4 drops of coconut oil and 3 drops of oregano oil. Then pour the mixture into the cotton swab and rub the moles. Repeat this process 3 times a day until the moles darken and dry.

Lemon juice

Everybody knows how effective lemon is in the skin problems. The citric acid in it cleanses the dead cells and provides get rid of the moles. After washing your skin, add lemon juice to the cotton cloth and rub it on your skin. Apply 3 times a day, you will see the result.

Aloe vera water

A lot of aloe vera is used in skin care products. This plant with antioxidant properties heals wounds. It frees the moles from your skin and quickly fixes your skin. Clean the area as in other operations. Massage your skin with aloe vera juice and jelly for 15 minutes. Apply the method 3 times a day.


This is very useful for our health. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. You must be patient even if you smell the smell. After using it for a while, you will see your skin. Crush 2-3 garlic and put in a paste. Apply the mixture to your skin with cotton. Wrap in a bandage and leave overnight. Repeat the process until the result is obtained.

Banana peel

Maybe it’il be strange for you, but the banana peel also has an effect on these moles. For example, it’s proven to destroy warts completely. Then let’s get to work. Clean your skin first. After stripping the banana, place the white portion on the mole. Leave with a bandage for 24 hours. Repeat the process every day until the meat drops.

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