Natural ways to thicken your hair

Natural ways to thicken your hair
Many people complain about thin hair and hair loss. Various reasons cause this problem. Sometimes omega3 and vitamin deficiencies and anaemia cause weak hairs and hair fall. At first, you should see a doctor for blood analysis. I will explain some natural methods that dermatologists suggest for hair loss. Thus you are going to thicken hair naturally.

How to stop split ends

Women often use the hair straightener, hairdryer and the other heater devices like curling iron. These hair products damage your hair and cause hair loss. So you must rarely use them. If you have to give shape your hair with them, you should do it every other day. Also, use them at low temperatures. Thus split ends will reduce.

 If you want to prevent split ends you should comb your hair when dry. Sometimes change your hair care products like cream and shampoo. When you always do the same things, your immune system will react and the effect of products will decrease.
I advise you to get your hair cut quarterly. Because split ends harm to your new hairs.  Also if your hair is very long, your head can’t feed it enough amounts. Don’t get it dyed very often because of colour damages hair.

Olive oil hair mask

You can feed your hair with olive oil hair mask for thickening. Put it to your hair and cover with something without breathing before you sleep. Wash it in the morning. Repeat the process once a month or every two months. Thus it will be brighter, lively and thicker.


Also, you can get thicker your hair with garlic. Peel and squash three cloves of garlic. Put it to your hair and wait about an hour. If you dislike the smell of garlic you can add some milk. Later wash your hair completely. You will see that your hair has been thicker and healthy. I have been carrying out advice above in my hair for years and everybody admires my hair.

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