Reasons and solutions of cellulite

Reasons and solutions of cellulite

High heels, corselets, alcohol, smoke, drinking inadequate water, malnutrition trigger cellulite. Women can’t enjoy the summer holiday because of cellulite. Healthy and balanced nutrition be the primary of the protection against cellulite. Solutions of cellulite are not difficult. Cosmetic dermatology operation is useful to get rid of the orange peel appearance.

The cellulite is the local metabolic disorder of subcutaneous tissue. The fibrous tissue where is subcutaneous is responsible for the orange peel appearance. This constitution is different on the body of women and men. İt is not prevalent in men. 80 percent of women can have this problem after adolescent. The cellulite not related directly to the fatness.

According to doctors, the cellulite increases when pregnancy, menopause, menstruation period. Inaction, corselets, high heels shoes getting blood flow slow and cause the cellulite. The genetic and ethnic factors effective, too. For example, the women of Mediterranean race are inclined cellulite. Except that some mistakes trigger cellulite too.

The four basic mistakes that cause the cellulite

1- The foods with oil and carbohydrate. Malnutrition, consumption extreme salt.
2- Smoking which reduces tissue oxygenation and causes cellulite.
3- Drinking alcohol that affects lipometabolism.
4- Birth control pills which increase the cellulite because of it containing hormones.


What should you do to fight against the cellulite?

The vegetable is one of the solutions of cellulite. Foods such as radish, parsley, celery, strawberries, and grapefruit that help to remove excess water from the body help you fight cellulite.

-The toxins that accumulate on the body is removed by drinking 1,2-liter water every day.
-You must eat low-calorie, fibrous foods and eat a balanced diet.
-The tea, coffee, alcohol, juice, and cola consuming should be reduced.
-To play sport is necessary in order to solve blood flow disorder.
-Sports such as the jogging, tennis, swimming, gymnastics are very effective to reduce cellulite.

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