The fashion styles of the last week

The fashion styles of the last  week

Amal Clooney

The Lebanese-British Barrister is absolutely a stylish woman. She usually wears elegant and cool clothes. Mrs. Clooney’s body matches a lot of dress thanks to her thinness. The dress which in the photo reminds me Italian style. Colorful and hot that style shows women female and sympathetic. The color of the shoe suits her dark hair.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig pose for Oscar night
I think Rachel Weisz is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She usually wears elegant and colourful haute couture like that red-black dress. If she had worn a necklace she would have seemed jauntier. The actress who aged 48 expecting a baby with Daniel Craig. I was shocked when I learned the news. I think she looks like younger and I hope Weisz will a perfect mother.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill at the Coachella 2018
Last week celebrity people were at the Coachella Music Festival. Taylor Hill was there as well. She is a very beautiful girl as a model of the Victoria’s Secret. Her purple suit goes with the concept of the Festival. But I didn’t like the sims on her face and the necklace. Also, the hairstyle is so shapeless.


Beyonce at 2018 concert with her fashion style

She was as Destiny’s Child in Coachella 2018. The participants admired so much the concert. Her style was like Americano Nefertiti. I liked the light makeup (especially metallic lipstick). Actually, Beyonce’s stage style does not match to everybody’s taste but her fans love her sexy style. Sometimes I like her fashion styles. However, I usually consider that Beyonce’s costume choice so classic and flashy. I think Beyonce needs to lose weight for a long time.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer Lopez at an event
Jlo always prefers garish and classic clothes like Beyonce. Frankly, I have never seen Jennifer Lopez with sports clothes. Her hairs and makeup all right. What about that dress? Short people should think twice when they choose short clothes. The red dress has shown her fatter and shorter despite high heel shoes. Also, shoes are so simple.

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