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Do These Before Sleeping For The Skincare

by Lady Violet
Do these before sleeping

I take care of my skin as best as possible. I use some care products every day, but night care is more important for the beauty of the skin. Since we have to make up every day, we cannot feed our face enough. Before sleeping, we should spend some time on our skin. Some ladies are too lazy to remove their makeup. You should avoid this. Otherwise, your skin will be damaged. Read What Happens If You Sleep With Makeup On? for detailed information about the subject.

I often read the dermatologist’s articles and apply the necessary procedures to my face. We have listed below what you need to do for your skin health and beauty before going to sleep.

Don’t forget to wear tonic

Our skin is exposed to many external factors in daily life. During the day, sweat or cosmetics remain on our skin. Sometimes dust and chemicals contaminate our face. For the beauty of the skin, cleanse all of your faces. For this, wipe your face with a good tonic. If you use quality products, your skin will not be irritated. Clean your entire face without jumping. Do not rub it around your eyes. Tonic burns and dries your eyes. You will then bathe.

Wash with warm water

After cleansing your skin with tonic, wash your face. First, do the peeling. You would think that hot water purifies the face better. Yes, it cleanses the skin better, but it also has a negative side. Hot water dries your skin as it absorbs moisture from your face. It also ages quickly. Experts say that washing too often can wrinkle the face quickly. Use hot water only 2 days a week. On other days, you should wash your face with warm or cold water. Then wipe your skin with a clean towel.

Before Sleeping Moisten Your Skin

The basic care process to prevent our skin from wrinkling is moisturizing the face. No matter how old you are, from the age of 20, you should constantly moisturize your skin. I do not recommend poor quality products as it may cause allergies on your skin. I don’t think cheap moisturizers will benefit. It would be a better choice if you use organic products. Moisturizers delay aging. If your face is dry, use oil-based products.

Apply cream around the eyes

I keep listing what to do before going to sleep at night. One of the most important elements of skincare is the eye area. Since the skin of our eyes is thin and delicate, wrinkles first start from there. Therefore, it requires regular maintenance. After applying the cream on your face, you should apply the cream to your eyes. Choose quality brands. Apply the cream from the eyelid to the thin skin. If your skin is dry, you can apply more. Use anti-aging cream every 2 days.

Use lip protection

One of the areas to be considered in personal care is lips. However, our lips are one of the most striking parts of our face. After using the above products, we have to apply the cream on our lips. In fact, lips look thinner due to external factors. In winter, they crack and lose their attractiveness. They dry up in summer due to hot weather. That’s why you should use nourishing and moisturizing creams every season. Use medical creams instead of cosmetic creams. Before I go to bed, I apply an oily anti-irritation cream to make my lips look thick and moist.

Drink a glass  of water before sleeping

After doing all the above actions, there is something else you need to do. Unconsciously, our skin loses too much moisture during the day. Even if we drink water, we do not drink as much as our body needs. Experts say we should drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Drinking water provides the moisture balance of our skin and delays aging. In addition, it is of great importance for our body health. You are also protected from diseases such as blood pressure and insulin resistance. Your body needs to meet your fluid needs throughout the night. So drink a glass of water before going to sleep at night.

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