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“I can’t deal with my mother”

by Lady Violet
my mother

Dear Lady Violet,

Unfortunately, my mom and I can’t agree. I am an undergraduate student and my freedom is very important to me. My mother is a very authoritative woman and she interferes a lot with my life. I don’t like doing housework. My mom tells me I’m too lazy. She is overly meticulous and doesn’t want to see dust at home. I accept that I am a messy person, but I cannot change myself.

I think I’m too young to do housework. She says I have to learn to cook. I do not like to cook. My mother says that when I get married, I will have to cook for my children. If I get married, I work with a maid. Also, my mom says I go out too much. I feel really sad. I can’t get my mother out of my life but I don’t know how to fix our relationship. My zodiac sign is Aquarius, my mother’s sign is Virgo.


You should talk to her

Dear Katie,

It’s normal to have problems with your mother. First of all, you cannot understand each other because of the generation difference between you. Also, your zodiac signs appear to be incompatible. Aquarius signs are very fond of freedom and do not like restraint. Also, they don’t like sitting at home. Since your mother is a Virgo sign, she is very meticulous about cleanliness. These women can never tolerate a messy home. They don’t go out too much and they think it’s a waste of time. Your mother must be fond of home life.

You are in trouble with your mother for the reasons I listed above. Remember, mothers always think about their daughters’ well-being. She wants you to get used to taking responsibility. I recommend that you learn about housework. You will need to take your responsibilities in the future. Travelling and having a good time is an activity that every young person wants to do. I think you should talk to him. You can tell your mom to be a little more understanding. If you can’t find a solution, you can tell your parents that you want to move into a separate house. Hope you can fix your relationship with your mother.

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