“I can’t deal with my mother”

“I can’t deal with my mother”

Dear Lady Violet,

Unfortunately, my mother and I can’t agree. I take university education and my freedom is very important to me. My mother is a very authoritarian woman and she intervenes so much in my life. I don’t like to take care of the household. My mother tells me I’m too lazy. He’s overly meticulous and doesn’t want to see dust at home. I admit I’m a messy person, but I can’t change myself.

I think I’m too young to do housework. She says I have to learn how to cook. I don’t like cooking. Mom says when I get married, I’m gonna have to cook for my kids. If I get married, I’m thinking of working with a servant. Besides, my mom’s in my private life. She says I go out too much. I feel really down. I can’t get my mother out of my life, but I don’t know how to fix our relationship. My sign is Aquarius, my mother’s sign is Virgo.


You should talk to her

Dear Katie,

It’s normal for you to have problems with your mother. First of all, because of the generation difference between you cannot understand each other. It also seems to dispute your horoscopes. Aquarius signs are very fond of freedom and do not like to be restricted. They also get tired of sitting at home.  Your mother’s sign is very meticulous about cleaning because she is a Virgo. These women can never tolerate a messy house. They don’t go out too much and see it as a waste of time. Your mother should be fond of her home life.

You’re having trouble because of all this. Remember, mothers always think of the good of their daughter. She wants you to get used to taking responsibility. I advise you to learn about housework. You’re gonna have to take over your responsibilities at home. Traveling and having a nice time is an activity that every young person wants to do. I think you should talk to her. You can tell your mother to be a little more understanding. If you can’t find a solution, you can ask your parents for a separate home. I hope you can fix your relationship with your mother.

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