What is your style according to the Zodiac?

What is your style according to the Zodiac?

Maybe you don’t know but everybody has got a style in Zodiac. Some horoscope signs prefer to wear classic, while others like sports style. If you want to know the fashion style of the horoscopes sign closer you can look over the below list.


The clothes which cease your speed and, uncomfortable ones don’t suit you.  You feel better yourself with leather jackets, sports shoes, blue jeans. You prefer to have your hair cut short style and use it as a practice style. Perfume is better than deodorant for your horoscope sign style.


Your style is classic, smart and high quality. You want to use your dress for years. So you prefer the reliable brands that you bought previously. Comfort is important to you and, you want to soft products. You have got a developed tactile sense. The brown and green are your favorite colors.


You like the unisex fashion style, thus you don’t avoid to buy a man pullover or man accessorize. You like modern, comfortable and extraordinary styles according to your horoscope sign. You usually prefer velvet jackets, white shirts, turtleneck sweaters, cloth bags, and boot.


When you are at home you especially prefer comfortable clothes. You like tracksuits, large trousers, comfortable blouses, dresses. If you go out you prefer classic and feminine clothes. Memory is important for you so you keep on use old and valuable things. Scarfs, pearls, gloves are your favorite accessories.


You have got an extraordinary style. You can create a style by yourself and, others imitate your style. You wear high quality, lux, and elegant clothes very well. You love to go shopping according to your horoscope sign. You especially addicted to shoes. You wear furs, hats, leather gloves.


Your style based on a classic, basic and clean clothes. You prefer to wear the same colors. The glaring dresses and accessories don’t suit you. Yo prefer comfortable shoes, useful bags, enduring cloths against washing. The black, white, brown are your favorite colors.


Your fashion style is beautiful and quality. You like to draw attention and, prefer pastel colors. The harmony is very important for you and, you try to have harmony in everything. It is impossible to see you messy. You wear elegant even at home. To be well groomed and beautiful is your priority. You follow up fashion.


Your style quickly attracts attention. Your favorite colors are black and red.  You like to leather clothes. You have got a sexy, tempting style. You prefer intensive perfumes, dark makeup, tattoos. Your look absolutely attractive and, you can affect a person easily.


The rules, expensive brands not important to you. Your style based on comfort. You don’t care to affect the opposite sex. You can wear everything and go everyplace. Also, you prefer ethnic clothes because of your interesting to other cultures.


Your style based on dark suits, ensembles, White shirts, and classic jackets. You usually tie one’s hair up or have your hair cut short. You like classic shoes and dresses. You prefer specific brands because prestige is very important for you.


Your style is not stable. For example, if you wear baggy trousers you can wear a suit tomorrow. Actually people’s idea not important to you, so you can prefer extraordinary clothes. Your hairstyle is not classic. You can have your hair dye different colors.


Your style changes according to your mood because of your horoscope sign. You wear elegant, romantic, feminine when you are happy. You wear lace, jewelry like a movie star. If you are unhappy you can wear a dress without being disturbed for days.

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