“My best friend is dating a boy I like”

“My best friend is dating a boy I like”

Dear Lady Viloet,

I’ve had an incident that’s been hurting me for a while. I am 19 years old. My best friend started dating my favorite boy. I learned it by chance. We were going to a café with friends. On the way to the opposite direction, I liked the child and his friends were coming. When they approached us, they started chatting. The boy just kissed my good friend. I was really shocked. I felt stupid at the time, and it hurt me so much. My friend was scared of me. The other friends looked at me with pity. I didn’t know they knew about my love, and it just made me more embarrassed. I couldn’t get out of the house for two days and I cried. I still haven’t improved. What do you think I should do next? My zodiac sign is cancer.


End your friendship with her

Dear Scarlett

What you’ve been through is really heavy. It’s harder to accept this situation at your age. It’s a tremendous betrayal that your best friend starts to have such a relationship with your love. I’ve lived like this once and I’ve been very broken. Then my love for the child is over and I have taken revenge on him.
You must be very emotional because you’re Cancer. The woman of the Cancer cannot forget the evils made to her and continues to hurt as she recalls the past. You try to forget that kid, you will do the right thing.
I suggest you that end your relationship with your best friend because you’ll remember her betrayal every time when you look at her. She can stab you in the back, even if she apologizes to you. Please don’t hurt yourself anymore.

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