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4 makeup tips to make you look flawless

4 makeup tips to make you look flawless

If you have defects on your face, don’t worry. With makeup tips, you can close your defects and highlight certain areas of your face. Here’s what you need to do:

Lively eye covers

Women complain that the eyelids appear mat after makeup. If you want your makeup to appear alive, moisten the brush before the headlamp. So your eye make-up will be lively and shiny and dry. You will also reduce dust on the headlight.

Filling Eyelashes

If you want to make your lashes look fuller with eye makeup then you can use baby powder. After using the mascara, apply baby powder on your eyelashes and get full eyelashes. If your eyelashes are low, fill them with a pencil. You can also make your eyelashes grow with almond oil.

One of the 4 makeup tips

Full lips

The most noticeable place in the makeup is lips. The thicker the more it looks. If your lips are too thin, you can apply a number of procedures. You can show your lip thick by driving mint oil. I don’t recommend you to use it if you are allergic. You can fill with lightning or white pencil. Apart from these, you can show your lips lively and thick by applying anti-crack cream 2 times a day.

A smooth Skin

I’m going on makeup tips. If the color of your foundation is too dark for your skin, you can mix it with the moisturizer. So you’ll get your own tone. Apply the resulting color to your neck and test for a tone difference with your skin. If your skin is dry, you can apply moisturizer under the foundation.

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