Cool Mom Jessica Wang

Cool Mom Jessica Wang

For the moment, I introduce bloggers with plenty of followers, but the main purpose of this page is to introduce new bloggers. In the future, I will write about different users of Instagram with applications from you. I chose Jessica Wang this week as my favorite blogger. She is a Chinese-American digital influencer. She lives in New York City. In 2014, Jessica founded her blog named “NotJessFashion”. Since then, she has collected a large number of subscribers and has become a global blogger. She has made a great impression among Asian Americans. Jessica shares posts regularly.

Burberry, Dior, Bulgari are her references

Jessica worked on projects in cosmetics and clothing sectors. She got a part in the Blend In the campaign of Makeup For Eve. In 2017, People published a 4-page space for her. In addition, the giant brands of fashion which Burberry, Dior, Bulgari, David Yurman, Omega and YSL has collaborated with her. Jessica’s blog consists of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, family, trends, food, travel pages. Jessica has two daughters and gave them a place on the blog site. The photo shoots posed with fashion-related girls seem really nice. She follows new trends and shares posts about them.

She tries to fill every page of his blog with qualified content and visuals. Jessica usually shares the natural beauty of the places she visits. Mrs. Wang takes money from the brands of clothes she wears and also sells accessories such as glasses, hats, belts, shoes, nail polish, cream, perfume, shoes, earrings through the blog site. She sells not only women’s accessories but also men’s clothes. I think Jessica is a successful and lucky woman. She does her favorite profession and made a good career.  Wang doesn’t neglect family life. It is really hard to carry out motherhood and work life at the same time.

Jessica Wang prefers different style of clothes

Jessica Wang has not a specific style on the Instagram account.  We sometimes see the classic, sometimes sportswear on her body. Jessica doesn’t have an extraordinary style, but she is stylish. Dresses her favorite pieces. She chooses vivid tones instead of dark and simple colors and brings together colorful and patterned clothes. She must like that leopard. I don’t like this pattern, but I know that it appeals to many women’s tastes. There is a concept of fashion and travel intertwined. The spaces in the background reflect the colorful and city spirit. The social media accounts that contain photos from the famous geographies of the world are appreciated. She uses these items, as well.

That’s all I can say about Jessica Wang. Her Instagram link is  I think women should work firmly on whether they have set a goal. Women will surely get what they want. The important thing that women should discover their own abilities and be stable and determined. Just like Jessica. If you want to see yourself on this page, write a content that tells you first. Also, send your website or Instagram link. You can send me the mail through our contact page.

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