“I want to learn Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility”

“I want to learn Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility”

Dear Lady Violet,

I like a boy at work. He entered the company I worked in a few months ago. We’re friends with him for now. I didn’t have any feelings for him at first. I started to like it in time. I think he’s a very smart and charismatic boy. I laugh a lot at his jokes. I’m not sure about her feelings for me. Sometimes he doesn’t talk too much. I think he has a changing mood. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. I hope I’ll be the next lover. During the conversation, I learned the date of his birth. I wonder about our zodiac sign. I want to learn Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility. I was born on March 10, 1993, at 18.00 in London. He was born on February 5, 1990, in Glasgow. I didn’t ask him what time because I didn’t want to show my interest. I can’t wait to read the zodiacal review.


He is a serious boy

Dear Adele,

I examined his and your birthmark. Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility depend on birth map. First of all, you must be very emotional as Pisces. You care a lot about love. Passionate love really feels good to this sign. You feed on spirituality. I see a simple-minded girl. You’re a well-meaning and helpful person.  Also, you are a very kind person because of the rising sign and the Moon sign are Libra. You’re a harmonious girl. In this respect, the Libra effect allows you to enjoy flirting. The Pisces signs a lot of imagination, and they get caught up in these dreams. This can sometimes cause disappointment. One of the negative features of Pisces is that they are fragile. For a subject that does not result in too much imagination should not.

I’m going to his birth chart. He’s a very smart and marginal boy because he’s an Aquarius. He approaches people at a distance and doesn’t make intimacy easily. There are many Aquarius and Capricorn effect in his Zodiac sigs. This means that he is a rather dignified boy. He doesn’t make friends with people easily and it takes time to get used to. Probably didn’t have much dialogue with his colleagues when he first started working at work. He can’t be said to be emotional. He’s a workaholic and greedy guy. He gives importance to reputation.

Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility

I analyzed your characters. Now I’m going to interpret your relationship. Usually, Venus sign determines our relationship. Your urgency on your planet is remarkable. You’re pretty impatient about love. You want to be his lover right away. He cannot quickly decide a new relationship. In fact, he takes love very seriously. Short-time flirtation is not for him. Maybe he can’t open his heart because he’s someone he can’t forget. His beloved candidate cares about dignity. It’s affected by status instead of beauty. You’re romantic and sensual. He acts according to his logic. You have got a childish character. The boy you like is mature and dignified. He’s not a person of love. Therefore, he may not even show for now.

I keep on Aquarius Pisces cusp love compatibility. He’s smart and charismatic as an Aquarius man. On the map, I see you’re a girl who has a quickie about love. He’s very loyal about love. If you start having a relationship with him, you might wanna get bored and leave him. I suggest you wait a while. After your dialogue progresses, you can make a move. You don’t look incompatible with love, but you have different aspects. Because he’s an Aquarius, he doesn’t like to have his freedom restricted. A long relationship may be possible if you show mutual tolerance.

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