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The red carpet at Cannes 2018

by Lady Violet
The red carpet

Cannes Film Festival has started. I reviewed the red carpet of Cannes 2018. I was amazed by the styles of some celebrities. In this context, you can read the details of the festival.

Elsa is a popular model nowadays. Her dress and show match the spirit of Cannes. The costume suits Elsa but her breasts look small and saggy. The dress is similar to the style of the 90s. I like the vintage style of your hair. I think the costume is one of the best dresses on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The colour of the costume is sweet but the fabric looks wrinkled.

Italian style


Irina Shayk

She looks very attractive in this dress. Red is a warm colour for haute couture clothing. I like unusual costumes and this dress is not ordinary. Reminding me of the Versace style, this outfit matches Irina’s skin tone. It also reflects the Italian warmth. We often see him in cut-out dresses. Irina has a tall and fit body, but she needs to lose about five kilos. Her hair is beautiful, her makeup is light and there is no exaggeration on her face.  I liked the style consequently.

Christmas Tree


Kendall Jenner

Frankly, I’m bored of seeing this girl everywhere. I want to see different celebrities in Cannes. Kendall has been opting for sheer dresses lately. I liked her makeup, hair and earrings. The chest of the dress is elegant but not the bottom. Skirt panels look like the Christmas tree and look traditional. Such styles do not suit young girls. Kendall likes to get attention, but she’s very young and needs to wear trendy outfits.

One of the Classics of red carpet

Penelope Cruz

I generally like Penelope’s style. So is this costume. The cotton details of the dress are beautiful. The top is stylish and cool. If the dress was shorter and narrower, it would look modern and stylish. Penelope sometimes chooses this kind of classic clothing. Makeup isn’t bad, but red lipstick made her look more feminine.

Out of fashion 


Aishwarya Rai

I wanted to scream when I saw that dress. Sorry, but this dress sucks. Indian women prefer to dress colourful and bright but this is the red carpet of Cannes. Aishwarya Rai is an actress and she needs to choose more modern styles. The shape of the dress is very classic and made her look older. The dress has no trendy details, and it is very ordinary. Her hair is not style either. Now she needs an image maker.

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