What happens if you sleep on face makeup

What happens if you sleep on face makeup

When we come home after a tiring day, we have a hard time doing the routine of the evening. We need to cook, collect, prepare tomorrow clothes. This is especially difficult for working women. When the hour of sleep comes, we only have enough energy to brush our teeth. Then we want to get ourselves into bed. A makeover can take a long time. Many women want to sleep without removing makeup when tired. If you sleep without removing the makeup you are wondering what effects will be. I wrote the answers:

You should rest your skin

It is not recommended to sleep with makeup on your face. Your skin is destroyed and reacts. Sleeping with makeup is doing snowball effect on your face. There is no definitive scientific evidence of the effects of long-term cosmetics on your skin. But during the day you should rest your skin with makeup for hours. Generally, it is recommended to wash the face before sleeping. Dirt, dead skin and environmental factors cover your skin. If you do not remove this sticky layer and dead skin on your face, your skin will not look healthy.

when you sleep on face makeup do these

Sometimes we fall asleep because of the tiredness of the day and we have to spend the whole night with makeup on our face. If you have skin allergies like me, you may have burning and watering in your eyes. What is important is to plan what to do to make up for the evening. Place a cosmetic cleansing wipe on the edge of your bed. If you sleep on face makeup in the morning with a handkerchief cleanses your skin to reduce damage.

When you wake up with makeup, wash your face first. Clean your skin with cleansing milk. I suggest you do this twice. Then wipe your face with a tonic. Then apply face mask with detox. If you sleep on face makeup what happens you learned now.

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