How to look elegant in winter style?

How to look elegant in winter style?

Well-groomed women want to look beautiful, stylish and sexy in all seasons. In winter we are thicker and covered, so we cannot attract attention. In fact, you can look very elegant when you wear the cliché aside and dress in a proper style.

Makeup tips?

Make-up must be clear during the cold season. You can’t look sexy on light tone makeup. Choose your choice of lipstick and red color. If your clothes are black from top to bottom, you should wear red lipstick for winter style. I do not recommend matte colors like brown because it is not very clear in winter’s indoor air. Use your blush on peach-colored products. Remember to use mascara and headlight because your hair will be closed in the winter so you should try to make your face look beautiful.

Don’t miss skirts for your wardrobe

If it’s cold, we usually feel the need to wear trousers. We think we’re gonna get cold. In fact, you will not have problems when you prefer to keep warm products. Winter skirts will make your body look elegant and sexy. Just don’t settle with dark skirts. You can also choose models with milk, coffee, burgundy, dark blue, striped and dark green colors.
Choose bell skirts for daily use. It shows you younger and weaker than you are. Wear cotton socks on your legs. You can wear tulle socks if you get cold. On special nights I suggest you wear darker and narrow skirts.

Prefer hat instead of a beanie

The girl looks very elegant in winter style

During the winter, thick breeches are worn, but the beret is less dull than you are. In addition, the beret gives women a masculine feel. You should wear a hat for a sexy, cool look. Hats with a nostalgic feature always attract attention. You can buy a lot of hats to suit your clothes. I prefer dark coffee, midnight blue, dark grey, and black tones. The hats with flowers or other accessories stand more stylish.

What type of sweaters you should wear?

Many people usually wear color and dark sweaters, but these models do not look sexy and elegant at all. Wide colors show you are overweight and overweight. In cold weather, I recommend thin-fitting sweater. They look really stylish and sexy, especially when worn with a bell skirt. If you can not be comfortable with turtleneck sweater V-neck narrow sweater can choose. I only recommend the kayak collars if you like peach-colored sweaters. If you are going to wear dark clothes from the bottom, you should wear light-colored pullovers from the top.

The coat choice is very important

While you are walking in the street in winter, you get the most attention with your coats. For this reason, you must first choose your outer garments to be stylish. Do not choose too many sports and long model jackets. Because they do not fit the body, your body does not show your lines and makes you look silent. Get semi-classic or classic coats with a lightweight waist. You can choose the color according to your taste. I don’t recommend pastel shades.

Attach accessory in winter style

The line came to complement your elegance. In winter style, especially when walking on the street does not attract much attention. I suggest vintage model products without escaping the classic style. Stone earrings stop on color nights. The necklace is a colors accessory that I mentioned above. You can also wear a peach-colored in a boat-neck sweater. If you are going to wear a pair of skirts, choose your shoes. If you are going to wear trousers, you should wear short boots.

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