Your nail polish color reveals your personality

Your nail polish color reveals your personality

Our clothing style and the colors we choose give us tips. We make our nail polish preferences in the same direction. If we try different shades from time to time, we all have a style. The color of the nail polishes we use reveals our personality.


The people who prefer red-bordeaux nail polish color, like attention. You want to gather the attention in the environments you enter. You really like people to compliment you. In simple clothes, you feel uninspiring. Your clothes are very ambitious and you have a sexy style of clothing. You’re adventurous and fun. You have a wide circle and your social life is quite colorful.


You like to look feminine. On the other hand, you have a childish and innocent aspect. You have a romantic taste. You prefer clothing in pastel tones. In general, you have a calm personality. You care about friendship. You’re emotional, and you act according to your feelings. You take love very seriously and you care about the man you love.

Patterned nail polish

You’re a positive and cheerful person. You prefer to live the moment and you don’t like to think about the future. You’re acting the way you are. You have a comfortable and colourful clothing style. You are revealing the joy of life with your style. You’re a sincere, well-meaning person. You get tired of long-term relationships in your love life. You are an advanced and friendly person. You draw attention with modesty.


Your nail polish color reveals your personality

You have a brave personality. You’re an energetic and sociable person. You have a dynamic life. The boring and uniform lifestyle is not for you. You have a style based on sportswear. You don’t feel comfortable in classic and feminine clothes. You like clothes that are large and comfortable. You have the ability and interest in the sport. You have a tendency to take responsibility and lead. You like travelling and discovering new places.


You pay attention to your appearance. In the sense of beauty, you keep the elegance in the forefront. You like the naturalness but you don’t want to look faint.  You have a style of simple and stylish clothes. In every sense, you attach importance to balance. You don’t prefer bright and gaudy clothes. You keep your relationship with people distant. You like the modern lifestyle. French style is your polish color.


You have a mysterious side and you don’t like to give a lot of information about yourself. You always draw the attention of the opposite sex. You like gothic and sexy clothes. You have a marginal lifestyle. You do not live according to people’s expectations. The people who prefer black nail polish color give unusual reactions to events. You can’t tolerate oppressive and normative people. You don’t like passion and uniform relationships in your love life.

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