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What Should a Woman Carry In Her Purse?

by Lady Violet
What Should a Woman Carry In Her Purse

You probably carry some items in your makeup bag. Some women do not want to carry cosmetics but need them. In particular, they avoid carrying foundation bottles. Powder and blush may break in the bag. Every woman should have cosmetics in her makeup bag. I recommend these not only for beauty but also to save you from difficult situations. What should a woman carry in her purse? I have listed the products that women should carry in their makeup bags. I realized how important these products are in some of my important business meetings. If you go through the list below, you will understand my words better.


How we smell is as important as how we live in society. Even if we take a shower, we can sweat in hot weather. This can be very embarrassing for some women. Particularly fastidious women don’t dare approach other people. No showers on the street or in the cafe. In this case, our saviour is perfume. If you do not normally carry perfume, you may encounter bad surprises. Most women do not want to carry the perfume bottle in their purse as it will add weight. You can then fill some of your perfume in a small bottle. Do not use heavily scented perfumes to avoid bad odours. Otherwise, people may be uncomfortable.

What Should a Woman Carry In Her Purse Surprise?


Another product that should be in your bag is concealer. I usually do not go out without makeup, but I do not wear makeup for daily tasks such as grocery shopping. If you prefer to go out with a plain face, you may need cosmetics. For example, you may suddenly need to take pictures with people around. It would be rude to refuse them. You do not have the opportunity to make up in a short time, but if you have an acne defect on your face, you can hide it with concealer. Additionally, if you don’t want to mess around with the defect area, you can apply concealer. Since these materials are small, they do not take up much space in your makeup bag. If I go home in the evening, I usually don’t carry foundation with me. I apply the concealer around my eyes.


My most important cosmetic product is lipstick. Even if I go to the market, I wear some lipstick. Even women who do not know how to make up can easily wear lipstick. The first cosmetic product in the bag is lipstick. On some days, our lipstick doesn’t wipe or dry. It is inevitable that the lipstick on our lips gets into the glass while eating or drinking. If we realize that there is no lipstick in the bag when we want to refresh our makeup after dinner, we will be bored. If you carry it with you constantly, you can quickly refresh your makeup. Also, if you want to look beautiful without too much makeup, lipstick may be enough. Oily lipsticks moisturize your lips and prevent them from drying. You don’t need lots of lipsticks. You can often carry your favourite colour with you.

What Should a Woman Carry In Her Purse for beauty?


We continue our list. Another product I can recommend to you is mascara. Maybe you don’t think it is a very necessary product but this idea depends on the person. Some women like to use mascara. They care about keeping their eyelashes looking good. Even if they don’t wear makeup, they prefer this product. Makeup can look awkward in some places. If you don’t want your make-up to be noticed, mascara will do the trick. Show off your lashes beautifully with a natural look. I recommend using waterproof models. You can prevent the mascara from flowing when you cry or your eyes are wet. You can also buy transparent products if you wish. This makes it look more natural. If your lashes are short, transparent mascaras may not be enough. If you don’t think you are talented, read the 4 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Flawless.


This is not a cosmetic product, but important for eyebrow care. Elongated eyebrows sometimes look really bad. You cannot get your eyebrows in a short time, but you can get small hairs. Women often do not realize that their eyebrows and moustaches are growing. They may be ashamed of hair growing in daylight or in the mirror. For example, when you go to meet with your boyfriend, you notice that your moustache is growing. Take your tweezers from your makeup bag and go to the toilet. You can pull ugly looking hairs in the sink. I recommend you to buy quality models. Poor quality tweezers deteriorate quickly.

What Should a Woman Carry In Her Purse for an interview?


I’ve counted too many products for you. Of course, you will also need a mirror to use these materials. I remember I couldn’t make up because I didn’t have a mirror. I recommend a magnifying mirror so that you can make your makeup more perfect. Also, keep your mirror with you for unexpected surprises, ladies. Let me tell you a memory about this. I went to a job interview in very hot weather. While sitting in the waiting room, the man who was to do the job interview entered. He had a strange expression on his face when he saw me. He looked confused. When I got home I saw my mascara flowing. That’s why I realized I looked bad. I think you once again realized the importance of the mirror.

Hand Cream

Hand cream is a must-have product in women’s makeup bag. As each person gets older, they need more care products. Especially in winter, our hands crack in the cold. We wash our hands every day. That’s why we need to apply a hand cream frequently. If your skin is allergic, you can buy organic products. I try to use natural products as much as possible. You will see the making of many natural beauty ingredients on my blog already. If you do not have other products, you can apply the cream to other parts of your skin. For example, if your earrings irritate your ear, you can use a moisturizer to soften it.

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