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How To Store Makeup Products

by Lady Violet
how to store makeup products.

Cosmetics are the most paid beauty products for women. Quality brands pay a lot of money to look better. Some products break or time out. For example, creams, nail polish, mascara are short-lived. There are various tricks for them. I use these methods to prevent my makeup from spoiling. You can read my recommendations on how to store makeup products below.

Where should the creams stand?

The most important skin products of women are creams. They often use these products to prevent ageing and dry skin. Women sometimes get big dreams but they can’t finish. The life of these products is a maximum of two years. If creams are not well protected, they may spoil quickly. When they spoil, they are poured out of the skin and are not absorbed. Also, the effect of heat in summer shortens the life of creams. To avoid this, I suggest you keep them in the fridge. Especially if you use herbal creams, you should keep them in the refrigerator even in winter. This prevents the product against spoil before the end.

Prevent the mascara from drying out

I going to advise on how to keep cosmetic products. The most commonly used product of eye makeup is mascara. I see mascara in almost every woman’s house. As we use it frequently, it dries quickly and it doesn’t be useful after a while. Unfortunately, even the product of an expensive brand loses its moisture. I used the product of many brands and they all started to dry in three months. There is also a solution to avoid this problem. People usually pour water, but I will make a more effective recommendation. You can moisturize the product by putting Indian oil in your brush. Also, close the mascara firmly after use. If it gets air, it can dry out.

How To Store Makeup Products Like Polishes

Now I will give you some advice on how to use nail polish. There is no lady who does not use this product. Colorful nail polishes attract women of all ages. In addition, its cost is cheaper than other cosmetic products. The most complaint about nail polish is that it dries quickly. This material cannot be used because the product is frozen. The solution is to pour a few drops of acetone into the nail polish bottle. Then rinse the bottle. You can use moistened nail polish on the first day.

How To Store Makeup: Brushes, Sponges

I continue editing the list. Now I will talk about the auxiliary products we use to apply cosmetic products. We always use brushes and sponges. Over time, cosmetics accumulate on the brushes and become dirty. Bacteria formed on the brushes contaminate the skin. We neglect the cleaning of brushes and sponges. You should wash them every fifteen days on average with antibacterial soap. The water temperature should not be high, otherwise, the products will wear out. Then dry thoroughly. In this way, you can protect your health and increase the function of the brush.

Put eye and lip pencils in the drawer

The last items I will tell you how to store are eye pencils. Even women who do not wear any makeup use at least eyeliner. Not only women but also men prefer to look charismatic. These products deteriorate in a short time. They cause styes in the eyes. First of all, close the cap after using your pen and avoid contamination. The ends of eye and lip pencils are usually broken and wasted when opening. To avoid this, keep it in the refrigerator. After waiting an hour, take it out and open it. So they don’t break.

If you are refreshing your make-up during the day, carry some cosmetic products with you. If you can’t fit them all in the bag, read our content titled Products That Women Should Carry In a Makeup Bag to choose the most practical ones.

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