The Models I like the makeup style

The Models I like the makeup style

Celebrities have different makeup styles. I like some and I think of some as frustration. On this content, I will only mention who I like. Models are really good at makeup because of their job. They follow trends and apply them successfully. There are a lot of models I’ve found to be true, but I’m going to talk about that I like the most. Their common features are amazing make-up. These models are very much followed on Instagram. Let’s see if you agree with me.

Emily Ratajkowski

One of the most famous models of the last period, Emily. I really like her makeup style. She doesn’t have the perfect face, but she knows how to make himself look good. Her style of clothing is very stylish and complementing with makeup. She prefers heavier makeup style on special nights. She uses simpler tones in her daily life. She prefers dark-colored foundation. Her lips are thick but she makes much thicker. Emily doesn’t wear pink and red as lipstick last much. We often see her with brown lipsticks. That’s about her. From time to time, metallic brown lipsticks continue. Far and blush selection in the same direction is doing. She is trying to look as natural as possible. Basically with polishing and foundation. I think the eyeliner should be used more because it suits her.

Naomi Campbell

She’s my favorite black top model. Naomi looks almost like a black swan. Although she is close to 50, she seems 20 years younger. I think it’s caused by her genes because her mother looks young too. She’s been doing his job with great discipline for years. She is really a very professional model. Naomi Campbell’s makeup style is very elegant. She looks like a dark brown hair coloring with make-up. It breaks the prejudice that the pink-tone make-up matches the white skin. She applies pastel shades successfully. She is lucky about lipstick because she has got thick lips. Light shine on the lipstick and shine continues. He also selects the blush and the headlight from the same tones. The last thing I want to mention is the eyes. Ela color lenses integrate with her skin. She creates simple and elegant a makeup with eyeliner and mascara.

Adriana Lima

I think she was the most beautiful model in Victoria’s Secret. She has almost perfect beauty. I like her style. Adriana Lima, who takes care of herself very well, keeps on exercising and maintaining her fitness. Actually, she has a lot of advantages in makeup. First, her lips are thick. Her eyes are blue and very beautiful. Bronze skin and light blue eyes complement each other. Lipstick does not have a standard color. She uses every tone. She’s wearing her lipstick. I don’t like her just as dark brown because it shows her face pale and dull. The pink and highlighter colors look great on her face. The black eye pencil adds elegance to it. I think her eyelashes are false, but it doesn’t look artificial. I think it looks much nicer with the color combinations. I think Adriana’s tones are vibrant colors.

Bella Hadid

She is one of the more fashionable models of today. We see Bella Hadid in almost every fashion week. Her family has big support for fame, but she loves doing his job. I find the right choice of dark hair because the yellow hair would make her look ordinary. Dark chestnut tones reveal her eyes. She usually wears makeup, her eyes are tight. He’s tearing up his eyes with his hair up. Bella uses the eyeliner too much. Her lips are not very thick, but with good lipstick, she thickens. The lipstick that I assume her most is orange. I think she looks very harmonious in her blue eyes. I prefer matte lipsticks more, but I think metallic lipsticks look more attractive. The matte and nude lipstick fashion should end now. Finally, if her hair is slightly wavy, her make-up will look nicer. Straight hair shows her face very weak.

Irina Shayk

She was one of the most striking models on the catwalks and special nights. The beautiful model, who had a happy relationship with Bradley Cooper, had lost nothing of form even after becoming a mother. Her birth weight was saved shortly. She is a very fit and beautiful woman. This beauty owes the most hybrid skin. Irina usually does the dark makeup for his tan skin. Thus, green eyes are clarifying. Irina has an original style. She doesn’t need to dress fashionably. She’s doesn’t makeup which that not suit her taste. For example, matte and nudes do not prefer lipsticks. On the contrary, bright or silvery lipsticks frequently use. This makes her lips look thicker and brighter. Dark lipsticks don’t quite fit her skin. Darkly toned lipsticks do not attract attention because she has a dark face. Irina’s lipstick is the indispensable product out of lipstick. If she even makes a light makeup, mascara using long and thick lashes.

Taylor Hill

One of the models I recently liked is Taylor Hill. Infant’s facial features the young mannequin lend her an innocent expression. She doesn’t seem in sensation news. She is just in fashion shows or festivals. Auburn wavy hair adds an elegant touch to her face. Instead of straight hair, wavy hair is showing her more feminine. She has no permanent preference for makeup style. It comes in different styles. Taylor always uses eyeliner on every makeup. I think the thick eyeliner makes it look cool and vintage. Smoky eye make-up adds her face a mystical air. She must like to look mystical as a Pisces woman. Lipstick preference is brown. I think if she uses peachy tones, her face stays alive.

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